The constant transformation of the city’s infrastructure due to the increase in population leads to the demolishment of homes, such as Koliwada areas in the city which are home to the Koli community.

Their day begins at the break of dawn, hustling through the crowded Sassoon dock in Mumbai. Carefully selecting the best of their finds from their large assortment of delicious local marine life.

The Koli fisherwomen spend their time and energy cleaning and cutting fish, trying to bargain with the wholesalers to get a fair price for all their hardwork. The place is packed with energy, power, colour, texture, smell that not many would personally enjoy and tradition.

The Sassoon dock is another world altogether –stainless-steel countertops, fishermen steering their way through a fleet of vividly painted fishing boats. Ganga Ram Koli, a fisherman on the boat mentioned some of the challenges they face in their profession. He said “ for me the biggest challenge is catching good quality sea food these days because there are so many fishermen out there and not enough fish anymore”

Constant change, the discarding of the old and building of the new. It is a part of life however it may be a task for majority of the people residing in slums and the population who are in the bottom of the economic strata. Modification is inevitable but at the same time saving the culture and keeping the interests of the communities inhabiting in areas like the Koliwada in Mumbai is something that should be done. They deserve to feel secure in every way.

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