“Stigmas attached to menstruation by an obnoxiously religious and patriarchal society”
Unfairness lies everywhere and is not constricted by geography, society or education.
It begins from home, a woman is considered impure, dirty, a stain herself during that “period” of the month. It all rises from the practice of menstruation being a subject of discussion behind closed doors and not on the dinner table.
The stigmas attached to this absolutely necessary biological phenomenon is unfair. The definition of the word “unfair” is universal _not conforming to approved standards as of justice, honesty or ethics. However every society has a varied idea of these approved standards regarding justice, honesty and ethics. Is it meant to be universal ?  Anoushka strongly believes that menstruation is an empowering process and should be respected universally. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to or what religion you believe in. 
Through this body of work Anoushka wants to normalise menstruation and make it a discussion worth having, on the dinner table. 

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